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All Aboard, Chew, Chew

Thanksgiving Dinner
Northern Queen Station

Just as the Gandy Dancers laid the track  for frontier adventures we are staying on track rejuvenating the Trolley Junction.

All Aboard, Chew, Chew

All Aboard, Chew , Chew


We couldn't help that "Chew,Chew" stuff. And, we hope you're on board for all the improvements at The Northern Queen Station. To begin we will be re-introducing

"Honey, what's for dinner tonight?" with many of your favorite dinners along with  a delightful variety of new dinner creations.

An Appetizing Dining Alternative


The Station @Northern Queen Inn is a new concept in food and dining. A local culinary center, unlike other restaurants, The Station offers Prepared Meals to Go, Pop-Up dining/brunch events, and of course a  full Wedding venue, event catering and meeting spaces.

Kranston Krispie & Lemonie Express


And of course, we will be offering our cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts, along with a complete catering menu. Baked goods will be available with one day's notice....

Gandy Dancer Club

Aside from receiving our "Honey what's for dinner tonight?" menu, Gandy Dancer Club Members will receive email Invitations to our many planned themed luncheons, dinners and Holiday gatherings. And will also be notified of special tastings and

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Northern Queen Station

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