Now Booking Wedding Events Autumn 2020

The Northern Queen Station

If you had to cancel your wedding due to the current Pandemic,  the Northern Queen Station has wedding dates available.


The Northern Queen Station

A Bite Out of Business

I want to thank all of our wonderful, loyal customers who have been calling inquiring about our re-opening. We have made the decision at this time to not reopen to the public at this time. 

We are currently booking small wedding events and have dates open for 2020 and 2021. 

Going forward, once things settle down to some semblance of normalcy, we will reopen for small gatherings and special pre-announced events. 

We wish all of you a healthy, happy and enjoyable spring and look forward to seeing you soon.

Northern Queen Team


California Rustic Comfort Food


Gatherings, Events, Celebrations

Sunday Brunch overlooking The Falls

Gatherings, Events, Celebrations

Whether you're interested in a whimsical garden wedding with the whispers of our waterfall in the background, or a simple gathering of friends, community members of club functions, The Northern Queen Station is the perfect Nevada County destination for your meeting needs. 

For more information contact us 


Saturday Night Suppers

Sunday Brunch overlooking The Falls

Gatherings, Events, Celebrations

We're opening on Saturday Evenings from 5:30 tip 8:00. Our menu changes weekly and we offer a wide array of salads, appetizers and desserts along with your entree.

Reservations Suggested. 


Sunday Brunch overlooking The Falls

Sunday Brunch overlooking The Falls

Sunday Brunch overlooking The Falls

The Holidays may be over, 

But not our Sunday Brunch

A combo of Breakfast , 

some items for lunch.

For those who eat hearty, join us, you'll see...

For those looking to shed a few, salads plus three,

So join us this Sunday, 

and each one after that,

The Northern Queen Station, that's where its at...


Gandy Dancer Club

Aside from receiving our "Honey what's for dinner tonight?" menu, Gandy Dancer Club Members will receive email Invitations to our many planned themed luncheons, dinners and gatherings. And will also be notified of special tastings and events...

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Northern Queen Station

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